GF 101: Gluten in the Bathroom?!

The pack I was sent home with after diagnosis of Celiac Disease had a lot of information! The basics were hard enough to understand and implementation made me dizzy. The way I handled entering the world of living gluten free was some weird form of triage. That's where this Gluten Free 101 blog series came from, my experiences of trial and error; getting sick and re-sick and failing miserably. My hope is this series makes it just a little bit easier for you or a loved one. Or, brings a smile to your face while reminiscing of a similar experience.  

Months after my diagnosis I was still experiencing symptoms of gluten exposure and couldn't figure it out. My mind raced and thoughts of ways the reaction wasn't Celiac Disease or related to gluten at all… maybe it was something else (said hopefully to myself). Then a friend mentioned shampoo and asked if I'd checked my bathroom products. "WHAT?! There's wheat in shampoo?,"  I said confusingly. Sure enough, when I got home that evening the exposure was related to my shampoo AND conditioner. Wheat germ is great for hair; unless you're like me. Looking back, the information was there but I had focused so much on what I was putting into my body that it didn't even occur to me to double check what I was putting ON my body.  

Remember to check these three surprising gluten-full products in the bathroom.  

  • Shampoo & conditioner 
  • Face & body moisturizers 
  • Make-up 

What tripped you up during your road to recovery? People experience some of the same reactions or completely different ones. It's great to hear other stories because I know I'm not alone in battling this disease. We're stronger together.