Gluten Free 101 Series - The Basics

Nuflours was years in the making! Think back to 2011. For us, it was hard to find satisfying gluten free products, and they were expensive! Little did we know that from failed attempts eating out, unhappy grocery store experiences, and entire home experiments thrown away, we had the seed of a business beginning to take root. 

It's from those experiences, and new ones we face everyday, that we draw on to make it easier for the next person. Through this series of posts we'll share our top tips that will make living a gluten free lifestyle easier for you. It may seem complicated and frustrating at first, but living gluten free is easier now than ever before. Especially here in the Pacific Northwest. Take a deep breath -- living gluten free isn't about living without; it's about listening to your body and taking pride in feeling good in it everyday.

What is Gluten?
Gluten is a pair of proteins (prolamins) found in wheat, barely and rye. The prolamin found in oats is not harmful to those with celiac disease, however oats are often cross-contaminated during processing. In our experience, we've found oats, even certified gluten free ones, to cause a reaction. What we've been told is that the protein structure is similar to gluten and is sometimes harmful for those newly diagnosed with celiac disease. 

Grains that are off-limits
Wheat, barley, rye, emmer, durum, couscous (a durum wheat product), triticale (wheat/rye hybrid), kamut (khorasan wheat), semolina, spelt, graham flour, farina and other wheat varieties (wheat and ancient wheat varieties go by many names). When in doubt, research before consuming!

Processed food is full of gluten and hides in many places with many different names
- food additives: malt, malt flavoring, modified food starch (unless specified gluten free), binders (in dairy), flavorings.

**Always check labels for gluten free labeling!

In the next article we'll share common products that we were surprised contain gluten. What have you experienced? Have you found "hidden" gluten in your house? What was it?