Interview with Nuflours Superstar Katie + a Recipe


Katie has been with Nuflours since summer 2014. Starting out as a customer service superstar at farmers markets and the storefront, she soon took on more roles in the bakery. Katie is responsible for all of those AMAZING paleo treats everyone has been so excited about! The chocolate cakelette, lemon & rosemary cookies, and most recently the paleo scones! Below is a recent interview with Katie, but if you'd like to find out more we recommend stopping by her blog seek the welfare. 

Where are you from, how did you end up here in Seattle?
I grew up on the eastside in Woodinville. While I did take a break from the Pacific Northwest to attend college in Georgia, I was more than delighted to return and move into the city.

How/when did you get into baking and customer service supserstarring
After moving back to the Seattle area I knew I wanted to work in baking. It wasn't long before I found Amanda and Phebe's website and discovered that they were working on opening up a shop. Not long after that I was working in the Farmer's markets and helping that shop become a reality.

How did you end up working at nuflours?
Before Nuflours and during college, I worked as a professional painter here in the Seattle area. During that time, I had to begin restricting my diet only to discover an excitement and enjoyment in creating new and classic baked goods that I could enjoy without hurting my health. Nuflours is a natural place to turn to in order to further work on developing those foods where many others besides myself can benefit. 

 Katie with the first Paleo cake she frosted at the bakery!

Katie with the first Paleo cake she frosted at the bakery!

What do you do in your free time (do you have free time?)
I enjoy dancing at local ballrooms, creating with material, thread, and paint, and sailing whenever possible.

Favorite thing to cook/eat
I particularly love creating classic comfort foods in alternative ways such as cauliflower pizza, or grain-free muffins.

Favorite thing to make at Nuflours
My favorite item to make is the handpies. They take precision while still being simple and delicious to eat.

Favorite thing at Nuflours to eat
 The chocolate cakelette :-)

Favorite thing about working here
Being able to share what I'm developing with a much larger community than I could gather in my little apartment.

Cantaloupe Freeze

 Photo Credit: Katie Ross

Photo Credit: Katie Ross

A recipe by Katie, find the full post on her blog.

makes two servings

1 1/2 c frozen, ripe cantaloupe scooped from the rind
1/4 c cranberry

Blend until smooth, adding more cranberry juice if necessary to get a consistent texture. Serve immediately with a sprig of mint if desired.