Gluten Free Cakes & Cupcakes

Do you have a birthday party, wedding or special event in the Seattle area and need a cake to feed your whole party including those with sensitivities and allergies? Try our gluten free cake! So fresh and delicious, our cakes will satisfy your gluten-full and gluten-free guests. 

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Nuflours gluten free cakes are double layered with a frosting filling. Minimum three full day notice on made-to-order cakes and subject to availability. Daily, we offer a selection of cakes for day-of, ready-to-go cakes available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Flavors include:

  • chocolate cake with pistachio fill and frosting and chocolate ganache, dairy free

  • carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

  • rotating - call for available flavors

(v) - vegan (and dairy free) available    

Cake Flavors

Chocolate (v)
Vanilla (v)

Frosting and Filling Flavors

Cardamom (v)
Cinnamon (v)
Chocolate (v)
Coconut (v)
Cream Cheese
Honey (df)
Lavender (v)
Lemon (v)
Peppermint (v)
Pistachio (v)
Pumpkin (v)
Raspberry (v)
Rum (v)
Vanilla (v)

Specialty Fillings available: Caramel, Pastry Cream.


Listed below are the starting prices of popular cake sizes. Starting price includes a simple frosting border and hand written inscription only. Cakes are customizable with simple decorations including buttercream flowers and a variety of borders and textures. Some extra design elements will be accompanied by a small design fee. We are unable to accommodate elaborate design work at this time. Please email to inquire about pricing.

6 inch round, 6-8 servings
starting price: $44

8 inch round, 10-12 servings
starting price: $53

10 inch round, 16-24 servings
starting price: $71.50

Cheesecake, 10-12 servings
starting price: $60
Not available vegan or dairy free

1/4 sheet cake, 24-30 servings
starting price: $93.50

1/2 sheet cake, 50-60 servings
starting price: $176

6 standard cupcakes (minimum for order per flavor)
starting price: $27.00

12 babycakes (minimum for order per flavor)
starting price: $36.00