Gluten Free Cakes & Cupcakes

Do you have a birthday party, wedding or special event in the Seattle area and need a cake to feed your whole party including those with sensitivities and allergies? Don't want to buy multiple cakes? Try our gluten free cake! So fresh and delicious, our cakes will satisfy your gluten-full and gluten-free guests. 

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Nuflours gluten free cakes are double layered with a frosting filling. Minimum three day notice on made-to-order cakes and subject to availability. Daily, we offer a selection of cakes for day-of, available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Flavors include:

  • chocolate cake with pistachio fill and frosting and chocolate ganache, dairy free

  • carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

  • seasonal - see calendar below

(v) - vegan (and dairy free) available    

Cake Flavors

Chocolate (v)
Vanilla (v)

Rotating Seasonal Options:
January & February: Red Velvet
March: Lavender with Vanilla
April & May: Lavender with Vanilla, Lemon with Strawberry
June: Vanilla with Raspberry, Lemon with Strawberry
July & August: Vanilla with Raspberry , Lemon with Blackberry
September: Cardamom with Honey, Lemon with Blackberry
October & November: Cardamom with Honey, Pumpkin with Cinnamon
December: Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting, Pumpkin with Cinnamon

Frosting and Filling Flavors

Almond (v)
Cinnamon (v)
Chocolate (v)
Coconut (v)
Cream Cheese
Lavender (v)
Lemon (v)
Peppermint (v)
Pistachio (v)
Pumpkin (v)
Raspberry (v)
Rum (v)
Vanilla (v)

Frosting and Fillings available with a minimum of 3 days notice: Caramel, Caramelized Banana, Lemon Curd, Pastry Cream.


Listed below are the starting prices of popular cake sizes. Starting price includes a simple frosting border and hand written inscription only. To create a special design, an additional design fee may be required and depends on the cake specialist's estimate of time it will take to complete the custom work. Please email a URL image of a cake similar to what you would like, using Google images or Pinterest, for an accurate quote (please note: all custom designs will be an interpretation and cannot be promised as an exact replica of sent photograph). Cake prices vary depending on design and use of premium ingredients. 

6 inch round, 6-8 servings
starting price: $44

8 inch round, 10-12 servings
starting price: $53

10 inch round, 16-24 servings
starting price: $71.50

Cheesecake, 10-12 servings
starting price: $60
Not available vegan or dairy free

1/4 sheet cake, 24-30 servings
starting price: $93.50

1/2 sheet cake, 50-60 servings
starting price: $176

6 standard cupcakes (minimum for order per flavor)
starting price: $27.00

12 babycakes (minimum for order per flavor)
starting price: $36.00


Fondant Work

Experience our very own bakery-made fondant! However, make note that fondant requires a minimum 7-day notice as sculptures need time to dry before placing on cake. Cost is estimated by creation time. Send us a URL image of a cake similar to what you would like, using Google images or Pinterest, for an accurate quote.

We love working with florals! If you're interested in a cake with decorative floral work but need the order ready in less than a week, consider using live flowers. We'd be happy to place them on the cake for you!