Gluten Free Breads

Oh, bread. We know gluten free bread has the power to delight or disappoint at first bite. Luckily, Nuflours gluten free bread is created by a dedicated team who makes the best gluten free loaf in Seattle. Our bread is baked fresh daily without preservatives. See care instructions to extend the shelf life of each loaf. (v) - vegan  (df) - dairy free  


Care Instructions

Our breads are baked fresh daily without the use of preservatives. To ensure our customers enjoy each loaf fully, without compromising quality or structure, we recommend the following care instructions to extend its natural shelf life 

  • Slice and freeze bread the day or day after purchase, this extends the shelf life to up to two weeks or longer depending on your freezer.

  • Take out slices as needed to defrost in the toaster, on the counter, or in the microwave.

  • Breads can be left on the counter for up to two days, time varies loaf to loaf.

  • Refrigeration is not recommended as it tends to dry out the bread.