Is everything gluten free? 

Yes! Absolutely everything we make is gluten free AND peanut free. Our bakery is a dedicated gluten free and peanut free facility and we only source ingredients that follow the same standards, so there is no cross contamination. 

What flours do you use?

Our main flour blend consists of millet, sorghum, tapioca, and potato flours. There are a few products that don't contain the flour blend. The chocolate cakelette is made with coconut flour and the paleo almond shortbread cookies are made with almond meal. Our chocolate dipped macaroon is made without flour, just shaved coconut. 

What sweeteners do you use? 

For the majority of our products we do use non-gmo cane sugar. There are a few options at the bakery that use applesauce, maple syrup, and/or honey instead of cane sugar. 

  • coconut oatmeal yoyo cookie (sweetened with maple syrup and applesauce)
  • chocolate cakelette (sweetened with honey and applesauce)
  • paleo almond shortbread cookie (sweetened with honey)
  • graham crackers (sweetened with honey)
  • paleo scone (sweetened with honey)

Do you have any vegan options? 

Absolutely! Listed below are all of the vegan options we offer consistently every day at the bakery. For special orders we can also make pies, hamburger buns, cakes, and pizza crust.

  • coconut oatmeal yoyo cookie
  • fruit jam bar (fruit changes seasonally)
  • seasonal sugar cookies (available during holidays!)
  • sweet potato hand pie
  • mushroom spinach sandwich
  • soup of the day
  • toast (with jam & almond butter)
  • flax sandwich bread

Do any of your products contain soy?

The few ingredients we use in the bakery contain soy or soy lecithin. Listed below are all the products we consistently carry that also contain soy.

  • bacon gouda sandwich (organic tamari sauce)
  • mushroom spinach sandwich (organic tamari sauce)
  • spinach, tomato, and gouda rolls (organic tamari sauce)
  • chocolate macaroon (soy lecithin in chocolate)
  • millionaire bar (soy lecithin in chocolate)
  • almond butter chocolate chip cookie (soy lecithin in chocolate)
  • seasonal frosted brownie (if it has a chocolate ganache drizzle)
  • cheesecake (if it has a chocolate ganache drizzle)

Do any products contain corn?

We use cornmeal in our sesame sandwich bread but that is the only bread. Cornstarch is an ingredient in confectioners sugar (used in frostings) and baking powder. For cake frostings, we can source a corn-free confectioners sugar, for an additional charge. 

  • cakes (in frosting only)
  • frosted seasonal brownie 
  • cinnamon roll (if drizzled)
  • danish (if drizzled)
  • sugar cookies
  • almond butter chocolate chip cookie
  • bread pudding
  • quick breads
  • muffins
  • dairy free croutons (corn free croutons are vegan or cheese)

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