Gluten Free Bread from nuflours bakery in Seattle

Oh, bread. We know gluten free bread has the power to delight or disappoint at first bite. Luckily we have a team dedicated to creating the best tasting gluten free loaf in Seattle. Nuflours bread is baked fresh daily without preservatives. See bread Care instructions to extend the shelf life of each loaf. 

Type Description Favorite Uses
Sesame Sandwich Bread

Traditional sized sandwich loaf with a sesame and molasses flavor.

Additionally dairy, sugar and rice free.

Sandwiches like they used to be! Nice size perfect for peanut or almond butter and jelly sandwhiches, french toast, grilled cheese and more!
Vegan Flax Sandwich Bread Wholegrain loaf
Additionally dairy, egg, nut, soy, rice, sugar & corn free. 
Sandwiches!! Grilled cheese, BLT, turkey, tuna - you name it.
Demi Baguette Mild & fluffy
Additionally dairy, nut, soy, rice, sugar & corn free. 
Pair with olive oil, cheese, fondu or tapenade - nom-nom.
Focaccia Bread 

Salty rosemarry rectangle. Additionally dairy, nut, soy, rice, sugar & corn free

Perfect to make a panini sandwich or slice in half and use as a flatbread. 
Garlic Parmesan Bread Garlicy, cheesey goodness Warmed up this loaf is a delight with soup or pasta.
Olive Bread

Olive chunks in a slightly salty loaf.

Additionally dairy, nut, soy, rice, sugar & corn free. 

Break off and eat, pair with olive oil or serve with cheese & hummus. Heaven!
Challah Traditional sweet egg bread. Additionally dairy, nut, soy, rice & corn free Only available on Fridays, this treasured traditional bread is perfect for breakfast, bruch or served along with soup. We love to make Saturday morning french toast out of the leftovers from Friday.

Spinach, tomato & gouda 

Jalapeno & cheddar

Additionally nut, soy, rice, sugar & corn free. 

Available at farmers markets and by pre-order (3 day minimum) only. Savory breakfast item or serve with a steaming bowl of soup.