About Us

All products are gluten and peanut free. Most products are also rice, corn and soy free. Dairy free and egg free options available. Have an allergy? Let us know and we'll point you to the safest* product.


Our proprietary flour blend is sorghum, millet, potato and tapioca flours. 


Nuflours was founded in February 2011 where we began selling at the Wallingford and Madrona Farmers Markets. Since then, we've grown to include up to seven area farmers markets, wholesale to area cafes and restaurants as well as through made-to-order services, such as wedding and birthday cakes!


In December 2013, we began renovations on the seventy-seven year-old bakery space. In April, the kitchen build out was completed and the bakery operation moved into its first dedicated gluten free baking facility. During the summer of 2014, we started build out in the front/public section of the bakery. After months of renovations and updates there, we opened the first storefront at 518 15th Ave E., in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood on Friday, October 10, 2014.


Our menu features a full line of breads, savory & breakfast items, sweet creations and grab & go cakes!


The space was designed by Moss Interior Design and build out completed by Armstrong Contracting


Phebe Rossi, Founder



Phebe started experimenting with gluten free baking when she shifted to a gluten free diet and discovered how much better she felt. Several failed experiments and months later, she began enjoying what she had thought might be lost favorites: classic chocolate chip cookies, hazelnut cake, pumpkin pie. She started developing recipes and went back to one of her favorite activities - baking birthday cakes for friends.


The idea for a gluten free bakery was born over months of creating gluten free cakes for friends, batches of cookies for gluten free kids, realizing how much she loves feeding people. 


Phebe opened the first incarnation of the bakery, Dolce Lou, in late February 2011. Dolce Lou has since served the Seattle area through farmers markets, wholesale accounts, and custom cakes. 

Amanda Bedell, co-owner & marketing

Email: amanda@nuflours.com


Immediately after being diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity, Amanda began dreaming about all the foods she could no longer eat. Her diagnosis, though not completely unexpected, instantly created cravings for childhood favorite comfort foods like goulash, grilled cheese sandwiches (with American not cheddar cheese), and pizza. Those cravings, along with being an IPA connoisseur, left her feeling despondent over starting this new chapter of restricted eating (and drinking) habits.


After a brief mourning period, she began to focus on what she could eat. Though the learning curve wasn't without its painful mistakes, she filled her diet with fresh, whole foods that make her feel better and have more energy.


Development of nuflours came out of her bumpy road to living gluten free. Memories of money wasted on products that were not satisfying; nights out at restaurants guessing what to eat because she was too embarrassed to ask questions, only to wake up sick and facing another long recovery period.  


Today, Amanda is thriving on a gluten free diet. She is passionate about sharing her experiences with others. Her dream for nuflours is to see it become a place where people gather, learn and explore new and better ways of taking care of their bodies, regardless of dietary restrictions.